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Lombard Street – How crooked?


We’d love to hear what you liked (or hated) about Lombard’s crooked street in San Francisco.  For such a seemingly mundane thing – our visitors love Lombard Street.   What did you think – did you stop by any nearby restaurants or cafes in San Francisco?  Let us know…


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  • Peter Moylan

    As a San Franciscan, I find Lombard Street to be a lovely street. Everyone focuses on the flowers and the curves, but he homes are beautiful as well. Lombard Street is called the “crookedest street” in the world, but it is not even the crookedest street in San Francisco! That honor goes to Vermont Street, in the Potrero Hill neighborhood. Potrero Hill is a middle class neighborhood far removed from the tourist areas, but the hills offer breathtaking views. The one negative thing about Lombard Street for the locals is that tourists constantly ring door bells and knock on the doors of the homes on the street, asking to use the restroom.

  • Raisin Helle

    did the Lombard street in reverse going bottom to top and back down in reverse at 26 mph in a Gremlin in 74……trippin dude…….

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