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Why you should never, ever stay in a San Francisco hotel…

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San Francisco is an amazing city. It’s filled with a lot of interesting activities. And there are hundreds of hotels to choose from here. So why wouldn’t you ever stay in a San Francisco hotel? Because you can get a much more interesting travel experience if you stay in a Sausalito hotel instead.

Sausalito, a small city that lies just on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge, is a wonderfully relaxing destination. You will still be located close to anything that you may want to do while you’re in San Francisco. However, your experience of a serene vacation will be turned up a notch when you stay in Sausalito.

Take a look at these ten reasons that a Sausalito hotel is always a better choice than a San Francisco hotel is.

  1. Sausalito is rich with charm.  This is probably one of the most charming towns that you’ll ever visit. It has small town feel with the liberal attitude of the Bay Area. Sausalito welcomes in creative folks from all walks of life. This is no place where you’ll be bothered by starving artists begging you for change, though. Sausalito is an upscale town that is rich with charm and elegance.
  2. The intimacy lets you actually meet artists and store owners. Being a small town, there is a sense of intimacy in Sausalito. When you enter a gallery to look at the art work, the artist will actually be there in the room and willing to talk to you. When you choose a souvenir gift from a small store, there’s a good chance that it will be wrapped by the store’s owner. San Francisco is a big city where you might not get the chance to rub shoulders with interesting residents. Sausalito is a small place where you’ll get to meet them all face to face.
  3. You’ll have easy access to interesting attractions. Most people don’t realize it but there are a lot of interesting things that you can do in Sausalito. There is the Sausalito Wooden Boat Tour where you not only get a historic tour but also get a chance to enjoy a waterside treasure hunt! There is the Bay Model where you can go to see how the entire Bay-Delta water system actually works. And there’s the Bay Area Discovery Museum which is fun for all ages.
  4. It will give you a unique experience of the Bay Area. No matter how many times you’ve been to San Francisco, you will discover something new about the Bay Area by staying in Sausalito. There’s a different feeling in the air over here, a dimension of Northern California that the rest of the Bay Area just doesn’t evoke. It will seem as though you’re visiting the area for the first time.
  5. It gives you an excuse to ferry to San Francisco. You will probably want to spend some of your time in San Francisco. It’s right across the bay from Sausalito so it’s easy to get there by car. However, it’s a lot more fun to go by ferry. Any excuse to take a ferry across the bay, soaking up the views of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge, is a good excuse in our book.
  6. Sausalito near San Francisco

    Sausalito near San Francisco

  7. The hotels here are of a higher caliber. There’s no doubt that there are a lot of great hotels in San Francisco. There are also a lot of not-so-great hotels there. It’s tough to know if the one that you’re choosing is the best hotel in the best neighborhood. You won’t have this problem when you stay in Sausalito. There are fewer hotels to choose from here and they are all of the highest possible caliber. You can’t go wrong.
  8. You’ll be closer to nicer beaches. Many people come to California to see the ocean. They’re a little bit disappointed when they visit San Francisco only to find that the ocean (which is at the end of a long trek across the city) is cold and usually unwelcoming. The beaches are a little bit nicer in the North Bay. Plus you have the bay itself where people enjoy boating and kayaking. Staying in Sausalito puts you a lot closer to this nicer water.
  9. It’s even easier to get around on foot or bicycle than it is in San Francisco. It’s true that you can get around San Francisco by walking or bicycling. However, it’s even truer that you can get around Sausalito this way. The smaller area and fewer crazy hills makes this a relaxing place to meander. You won’t need a rental car here.
  10. The evenings are quiet and peaceful so you experience maximum relaxation. Sausalito has things going on for you to enjoy. However, it’s not the type of town where there’s a club on every corner. The evenings here are quiet and relaxing. When you go on a vacation, you need to take some downtime to rejuvenate. You need to spend time just exploring a new place without a lot of noise. Sausalito offers exactly this type of refreshing escape.
  11. You get to see the view of the San Francisco skyline every day. San Francisco is a beautiful city. Sure, it’s beautiful close-up from within the city limits. However it’s even more beautiful when you’re standing slightly away from the city and taking in the whole skyline. You’ll be able to enjoy that wonderful view every single day when you decide to stay at a hotel in Sausalito.

So why wouldn’t you stay in a San Francisco hotel? Because you’ll be staying in Sausalito instead!

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