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SFO Marriott Hotel Review

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The Marriott at San Francisco's SFO Airport is a large, well managed, and convenient hotel. The hotel is located right on the border of the airport, and also borders the beautiful San Francisco Bay. The hotel's large lobby offers restaurant service and a great place to socialize with friends along with sweeping views of San Francisco Bay from huge plate glass windows. There is wireless (fee / cost) internet access in the hotel's lobby. Our room at the hotel was modern and clean - and had been recently renovated with new carpet, furniture, and Marriott's comfortable pillow-top beds. The bathroom had new granite counters and a wide, relaxing shower-head. Our room had sweeping views of San Francisco Bay and airplanes taking off from the airport. The 7th floor room's view of the runrway (not too close) made it fun to watch planes take off.

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The room quality and service / cleanliness were very good. The only issues are that the room was on the slightly smaller side -- with a relatively low acoustic drop-ceiling in the bathroom. The bathroom shower tile had not been replaced, and there were minor cleanliness issues for the older bathroom tile and grout that was not included in the hotel's renovation. Marriott has invested well in sound-resistant windows at the hotel, and airport noise was rarely an issue. The hotel offers a bundle of phone / communication services including high-speed Internet, local phone, and long distance U.S. phone for $10 per day called "wired for business".


Parking is $17 per day (self-park) and $20 per day (plus tips) for valet. This hotel's minor, but most annoying issue - is the very busy, and narrow parking lot. Parking lot markings are not clear, and there are several dead-end areas of the parking lot not well marked. Parking reached its capacity our first night at the hotel and we felt lucky to get a space at all. You can easily walk one-quarter mile or more from the long, narrow parking lot to the hotel. If you don't like to walk (or search for parking) - definitely consider the valet service. We had our own car, but for a rental car - it won't matter so much who is driving it or how they are parking it! We really liked the Marriott at San Francisco airport.

If you're looking for a large hotel, with relatively easy parking - close to San Francisco - this hotel should fit your bill. The hotel often offers very reasonable prices since it's not right in downtown San Francisco. It's an easy 30 minute drive to the City of San Francisco outside of commute hours, and the Millbrae BART station is located about one mile away with direct train service every 10-20 minutes. For a more luxurious ride - consider a limousine to shuttle your group comfortably into San Francisco for dining and entertainment. Outside the hotel, is a Bay nature trail that is great for relaxing walks along the shore and a view of the airport's takeoffs and landings. The Marriott also offers complimentary shuttle service to SFO San Francisco Airport based on our editors "undercover" stay at this hotel.

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The hotel features four full service restaurants including a basic-service diner / coffee shop; a steakhouse; and an upscale eatery "JW's" named after Marriott's founder. There is full room service throughout the hotel. This Marriott includes a well-heated, clean, and well maintained swimming pool with a large hot tub. There are free towels at the pool, and a good variety of comfortable lounge chairs. The pool's temperature was very comfortable and the hot tub worked great. There is a small fitness center with modern, well-maintained equipment just next to the swimming pool. All of the amenities for a full-service hotel are available to you at the Marriott San Francisco Airport SFO. By taking nearby streets to the Bay Area thoroughfare nearby El Camino Real (alternate to Highway 101) there are a number of grocery stores, take-out restaurants, and service businesses.

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The final great aspect of this "hidden value" hotel is a beautiful bay trail to walk by the wetlands of San Francisco Bay and watch huge jetliners taking off from the airport. With the length of the hotel's narrow parking lot - you may walk this trail on the trek to your parked car either way -- but it's a great view and super for kids / families either way.

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