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  • Gerri

    Any experience with the Prescott? Also the Wine train tour in NAPA valley?

  • admin

    The wine train in Napa Valley is a fun, if a little bit more expensive way to enjoy wine country. We have taken the train a few years back and enjoyed it. They have improved the ride to allow you to truly visit wineries along the way. Obviously it is a good prudent option to avoid drinking & driving, since you are on the train. The disadvantage is much less flexibility in what wineries you can visit – at least until the train ride is over. Our page on the train, which also includes a link to the official train site is

    The reviews we have seen of the Prescott are generally pretty good. It is part of Kimpton Hotels which is a strong service brand on the West Coast. The negative feedback on this hotel primarily relates to the small size of the rooms. If you’re looking for a large room, this might not be a good choice. The hotel’s area is in the busy Union Square area near a lot of shopping, hustle, and bustle. The hotel seems to take a lot of Hotwire and Priceline “blind” visits which is interesting in terms of demand. Our hotel page for the Prescott is

    Personally, I’d recommend staying here if you get a good deal – but I wouldn’t go crazy seeking it out. Let us know if we can help more via this community forum and please do consider booking any travel via our site.

    ** Ashley Nichols, sfTravel **

  • Mary

    Hi there, I wanted to invite you to check out one of our improv shows.

    We’re the Secret Improv Society improvesociety dot com, and have been performing every Saturday night at 10PM at the Shelton Theater (by Union Sq. 533 Sutter) for the past year. We are an improv troupe that does games and short-form improv.


  • Michael Ryan

    I used SkyPark at SFO based on your recommendation and it was excellent – punctual and efficient. We dropped the car off at 10:30pm and didn’t have to wait at all for the airport shuttle.

  • Laura

    I’m thinking of staying in a motel near Eddy St. and Van Ness, and I was wondering if that is a “safe” neighborhood. I want to walk up to Market to get the street car (about 8-10 blocks). I only have a day, and not much money. Thought I would “tour” SF on the street car and cable cars on my own (since the Culture Bus is no longer running). Any thoughts??

  • Laura

    Are the neighborhoods around City Hall “safe” for walking? My hotel is near there, but I want to walk up to Market and get the street car. I only have one day, and not much money, and thought about “touring” the city on the street car and cable cars. Any thoughts on that plan???

  • sfTravel Editor

    Hi Laura – The area you are referencing is not a great neighborhood, however Van Ness is a busy street and relatively safe. The area of Eddy walking towards Union Square should be avoided at night and is on the “edge” during the day. Van Ness has many bus lines running to Market Street, Union Square, and Fisherman’s Wharf which are a good bet. The Eddy area between Van Ness and Union Square is called the “Tenderloin” that we would recommend avoiding. It’s unfortunate we need to share this as there are many great citizens and good businesses – but the current overall situation in the neighborhood is shaky. If you can share the actual motel name or hostel, we can help more. The cable cars to Fisherman’s Wharf are a great bet, and they go to the Union Square area also. When in doubt – a taxi can be a good investment of ~$10 if it is nighttime, etc.

  • admin

    This site (there are other similar) offer a comparison of various neighborhoods on a relative index basis for crime rates. Being smart and aware is always good practice and can make a big difference in planning a safe trip either way.

  • Laura

    Thanks for the information. I’m glad I had already changed my reservation to a motel just off Market. It may not be much safer according to your link, but businesses and transportation are much closer of a walk. Thanks again!

  • Oscar

    Nice, informative web pages! We are visiting from Norway by end of October. Arriving SFO in the afternoon, staying at an airport hotel. Next morning we are driving to Napa fro a week of touring wine country. Would like to stop at Golden Gate Bridge for some sightseeing, then have lunch in Sausalito. How much time do we need to drive from SFO to the bridge – and then from the bridge to Sausalito? Can you recommend a nice restaurant there?

  • admin

    The drive from SFO Airport to Golden Gate Bridge can vary a lot based on traffic. During the commute peaks (morning 6-9, afternoon 4-6:30), I would allow 90 minutes to 2.5 hours. During the non-commute times or weekends, it would run maybe 60-90 minutes.

  • Fernanda

    Hi! I’d like to know if you have references about mayflower and beresford hotel, near union square. Are they good hotels? What about neighborhood? Thks!

  • admin

    Hi Fernanda – Both of these hotels are well recommended budget-class hotels. Rooms may be older and a less modern “classic” building but very centrally located. Note that the Beresford has two locations: The Beresford and the Beresford Arms. We would recommend the Mayflower the most of these choices, but take some time to read various traveler opinions in detail to understand the pro’s and con’s. I would describe both neighborhoods as “moderately safe” areas to enjoy but engage the normal traveler safety precautions in. Let us know if we can help further. SFTravel

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